Individual advice

Individual advice

The amount of data on can be overwhelming. There are currently more than 1.400 residency programmes open for international artists in our database, and when you start looking into it you might get lost or overwhelmed!

Here are our advice to help you out:

Once you have done one or all of the above, and if you still have questions: email us for advice, or take part in our "consulation hours".

Consultation hours

You can make an appointment with the TransArtists team to help you navigate through the large offer of artist-in-residence programs worldwide. We offer "consulation hours" free of charge twice per month, between 14h00 and 16h00 (Amsterdam time). You can either come to our office and meet us in person, or have a skype meeting with one of the staff member.

The advisory meeting during the consultation hours lasts 30 min, or longer if it's for a group. Furthermore, if your questions are about mobility to and/or from the Netherlands, you can request a meeting with our colleague from the DutchCulture mobility info point.

Read more about this opportunity for individual appointment and register here.