Artist-in-residence funding tips

Artist-in-residence funding tips

Of course a residency costs money. Some residency programs cover all costs, some residency programs don't cover any costs at all.

In general, residential art centers will partly cover the costs, which always makes it necessary for artists to find additional funding. Be sure about the budget before you go!

Funding sources: some tips

Before diving in all the funding sources listed in our resources, make sure to check:

  • your governmental local, regional or national funding schemes.
  • the (travel) fund opportunity of your country's embassy in the host country.
  • the residency-related funding opportunity of your national Institute for Culture (such as Institut Francais, Goethe Institut, Bristish Council, etc).
  • the residency-related funding opportunity of your Ministry of Arts/Culture or of your National Arts Council
  • bilateral foundations and associations between your country and the host country

More tips here from On the Move and there from ArtQuest

Residency platforms and networks provide information about residency-related funding. Have a look at:

Mappings, directories and guides

It's always difficult to get the full picture about funding opportunities.

Some organisations provide mappings and directories to get to know the cultural infrastructure of a country, in which you can (sometimes) find funding organisations:

Other organisations such as On the Move and the Asia-Europe Foundation have developed funding guides for cultural mobility (which are regularly updated!), in which you can find information about many funding bodies supporting artist-in-residence programmes.

Lists of other funding sources and resources

Finally, non-exhaustive lists of funding sources are also made available by various news platforms / information centres / education centres. Here are a few: