Media Art Performing Arts
4 to 8 weeks
Paid by host 

Production fees, web design assistance, organization of a presentation event in Montréal.

Paid by artist 

Travel and residence costs are not covered. For artists who live outside of Montréal, travel and residence costs will need to be addressed by a specific agreement. The residency acceptance may be conditional on the financial contribution of external partners.

Application guidelines 

If interested please submit:
- Project proposal
- Description of technical needs
- Proposed work timetable 
- Summary of artistic approach
- Press kit (3 pages max.)
- Curriculum vitae (3 pages max.)
- Visual/audiovisual documentation
- A stamped addressed envelope for the return of the documents


Travel and residence costs are not covered by Agence TOPO. For artists who live

Agence TOPO

Agence TOPO


Agence TOPO is an artist-run centre for new media whose mandate is to produce, disseminate and distribute multimedia works which explore new narrativities and interdisciplinary and intercultural intersections. Over the course of the year, Agence TOPO will produce a set of web projects that incorporate a performative aspect and which explore the links between the screen and the off-screen: poetry readings and interpretations, participative performances, interactive arrangements/devices, etc. These projects are a follow-up in the series Sortir de l'écran / Spoken Screen, begun in 2007 with Laboratoire NT2 of the Université du Québec à Montréal. This series presents hypermedia works comprising a narrative and performative dimension that fosters visual, audio and textual exploration, both in its physical and on-screen aspects. In order to respect the foreseen deadlines, projects currently under development and those demonstrating a strong commitment from the artists will be given priority. 

Technical Information 

The selected artists and projects will benefit from technical support for a period of 4 to 8 weeks within a residency program that can be spread out over time depending on the artists' needs and specific project requirements.

5455, de Gaspé, suite 1001
Montréal (Québec), QC H2T 3B2
514 279 8676

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