Catalan, Spanish, French, English
1 to 3 months
Paid by host 

Accommodation + studio

Paid by artist 

Materials and living and travel expenses.

The artists agree to donate some work produced during the residency.

Application guidelines 

Addaya values the background of the artists over all, concretely the experience on exhibitions and residencies. They will also consider the technical education and training and its adequacy to the proposed project. Ultimately the interest of the proposal will be decisive.

Selection Procedure: By open call and invitation. Applications are accepted all year.


Ongoing open call



Centre d'Art Contemporani


Addaya Centre d'Art Contemporani opened its door in 2004. Since then, it has center its efforts in promotting and disseminating contemporary art by hosting exhibitions of incipient and consolidated artists. They have focused on the last trends of painting, sculpture, photography, video art and printmaking.

Addaya organizes events, literary presentations, performances, contemporary dance and music shows. It also organices these events in other private spaces and participate in contemporary art fairs.

Addaya is also listed on the Spanish artist-in-residence programmes resources Art Motile >
Accommodation Information 

The apartment available to artists is approximately 30m² big and is fully equipped. It consists of a bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen. Even though it is situated in the same building, it is independent.

Artist with families are wellcome. The premises are not adapted for artists with disabilities.

Studio Information 

The studio is 24 sqm big and obtains light from two big windows. It contains basic equipment as a desk, a drawing table, some chairs and shelves.

Technical Information 

Addaya is located in a restored centric old house of Alaró. It has a 330 sqm space distributed in three floors. Two of them serve as exhibition halls. The ground floor is destined for temporary exhibitions and the first floor for the permanent collection, which is in constant rotation.

The second floor works as a storage space and it contains also a studio - workshop plus a fully functional apartment. This is offered to international and local artist for residency stays.



Alaró is a small town sitting in a valley in between two emblematic mountains of Sierra de Tramontana, just 25 km away from Palma de Mallorca. Alaró has long been choiced by artist as a destination to work and live.

C/ Alexandre Rosselló, 10
07340 Alaró Baleares
0034 - 971 510 045

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